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Hundred Percent Labs has been a longstanding Pax Brand Partner for Ohio, offering smooth cannabis vape experiences for Ohioans. Hundred Percent Labs proudly offers 1 gram Ceramic Pax Pods under both the Hundred Percent and Aura brands, ensuring a premium, reliable, and highly satisfying cannabis consumption experience.

At the heart of this offering lies the cutting-edge Pax Era system, a hallmark of innovation in the realm of vape pens and oil pods. The Pax Era is a portable vape pen crafted from anodized aluminum, promoting an even distribution of heat generated by the battery. Despite its compact design, the Pax Era does not compromise on functionality. It boasts a rechargeable battery, four distinct temperature modes (ranging from 520°F to 790°F), and intuitive LED lights on the body. The Pax Era promises an instant draw upon bringing the device to the lips, marking a seamless intersection of convenience and quality.

The 1 gram Ceramic Pax Pods, tailored specifically for the Pax Era lineup of vape pens, come pre-filled with concentrated cannabis oil, ready to deliver a robust and flavorful experience right out of the box. The Ceramic Pax Pods employ a single 2mm ceramic wick, ensuring improved wick saturation and performance across a wide range of oil viscosities. The Pods’ meticulous design facilitates easy, consistent, and flavorful draws, epitomizing the ethos of effortless usability synonymous with both Hundred Percent Labs and Pax.

Furthermore, Hundred Percent Labs offers Pax Era devices and Pax Flower vape devices, extending a comprehensive suite of vaping solutions to cater to the diverse preferences of Ohio’s cannabis enthusiasts. The Pax Era devices, with their patented temperature control, guarantee a heat-not-burn experience, dynamically adjusting wattage to achieve the optimal temperature for vaporizing the oil. This feature sets the Pax Era apart, ensuring that every draw is nothing short of perfection.

Through its partnership with Pax, Hundred Percent Labs reinforces its commitment to elevating the cannabis consumption landscape in Ohio, providing not just products, but unparalleled experiences steeped in quality, innovation, and satisfaction.