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Behind Our Logo: The Ladybug Connection at Hundred Percent Labs

At Hundred Percent Labs, every detail in our journey of crafting premium cannabis products is infused with intention and meaning — right down to our logo. Have you ever noticed the familiar, friendly figure of a ladybug in our emblem? It’s not just an aesthetic choice; the ladybug symbolizes the core values and mission of our company. Let’s delve into why this tiny, mighty insect plays a starring role in the identity of Hundred Percent Labs.


Ladybugs are more than just quaint bugs with attractive spots; they are fierce defenders of plant health. In gardens and farms, including cannabis cultivations, ladybugs play a crucial role as a natural insecticide. They feast on pests like aphids and mites that could otherwise harm the plants. Embracing the spirit of the ladybug, at Hundred Percent Labs, we are deeply committed to natural and sustainable practices. Using nature’s own solutions, like ladybugs, ensures that we are resourceful, keeping our products pure, safe, and eco-friendly.


Beyond its role in agriculture, the ladybug holds special significance as the state insect of Ohio, the birthplace, and home of Hundred Percent Labs. This connection underscores our commitment to supporting and representing our local community. We’re not just a business operating in Ohio; we are a part of the fabric of Ohio, intertwined with its nature, culture, and identity.


Throughout many cultures, the ladybug is seen as a bearer of good luck. This ties perfectly with our aspiration at Hundred Percent Labs: to bring not just excellence in our products but also positivity and good fortune to our patients, partners, and communities. In the world of cannabis, where every little bit of good karma is welcomed, our ladybug emblem is a daily reminder of this positive spirit.


Our logo is not just meaningful; it’s also smartly designed. Have you noticed the subtle “%” sign hidden on the back of our ladybug, akin to the famous arrow in the UPS logo? This clever design symbolizes our attention to detail and the innovative, thoughtful approach we bring to everything we do at Hundred Percent Labs. It’s a hint that there’s always more than meets the eye, encouraging a closer look and deeper understanding.


The ladybug in our logo is a constant reminder of our commitment to natural, sustainable practices, our pride in our Ohioan roots, our wishes for good luck and prosperity for our community, and our dedication to clever innovation. Every time you see this tiny guardian on our products, know that it represents our unyielding dedication to quality, purity, and the well-being of both our customers and the environment.

Hundred Percent Labs isn’t just about providing premium cannabis; it’s about a way of doing business and a way of life that’s as harmonious, effective, and naturally beneficial as the ladybugs in the fields. Here’s to the good fortune and healthy gardens for all!