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Hundred Percent

Technique -> Dedication -> life

ABOUT Hundred Percent Labs

Hundred Percents Labs was founded and is operated by a team of cannabis rights activists who are honored to have been chosen as an inaugural member of Ohio's Medical Marijuana Program. With a team from the cannabis, horticulture, CPG, foodservice, chemical, print/packaging, wood processing, and lab research industries, we are proud to be Cincinnati's first ever Medical Marijuana Processing company licensed by the Ohio Department of Commerce.

The Hundred Percent Team utilizes the Hundred % Technique with Hundred % Dedication in their mission to deliver the patient access to Hundred % Products that accompany a Hundred % Life.

Hundred Percent Labs embraces the spirit of the ladybug, defenders of cannabis and Ohio's State insect. The Ladybug is an apex predator in the cannabis kingdom who is frequently deployed by organic cultivators to rid grow ops of harmful mites and aphids. Hundred Percent Labs utilizes innovative and sustainable solutions like these in their approach to cannabis processing and helping the community.

FLC Shatter

Hundred % Photo Gallery

Live Resin Cart
FLC Crumble
DD x PP Live Resin
Crescendo Shatter
Gush3rs Live Resin
Chem Bubble Soufflé Live Resin
TM Crumble Infused TM
Black Garlic Infused 40.4% 4.8g
White Truffle Crumble Infused Lucinda
Papaya Shatter
Pineapple Express LR 2
Lemon Star Live Resin Concentrate
Animal Mints Live Resin
Captains Cupboard Live Resin
93 Flair Live Resin
Apple Fritter Shatter
Aura Sativa Cart
Aura Indica Cart
Aura Hybrid Cart
ROY G BIV 1g Pax Pod
PE Live Resin
Wedding Kush
Headband Live Resin
Live Resin Series 1 Pax pod lineup
FLC Shatter
Rocket Fuel Live Resin pods
CH Crumble
Jack Herer Pods
YellowS Kush Live Resin
GMO'Z Live Resin pods
OG Kush Pods
YSK Live Resin pods
SSD pods
Got Pax?
American Flag Aura gummies
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